Hello, my name Phoebe Dawson


 I am a professional Makeup Artist here in The City of Angels (AKA Los Angeles.) I work in Film, TV, Music Videos, Photo shoots, Red Carpet, Award Shows and more. 

BEAUTY - So as you can guess I love products and skincare! Being a professional makeup artist and even before I was one ive always loved products, finding the best ones on the market, hair care, skin care etc. I started this blog to share a products that I try out and love, along with some insider tips that I use on my clients. 

TRAVEL - I also am really passionate about traveling and have made it a goal to travel to different countries every year. I am from New Zealand but moved to LA to work in Hollywood as a Makeup Artist in 2008 when I was 19 years old.

FOOD - I am Vegan and I love to eat out and try new restaurants in LA or when I am traveling. I also love wine, champagne and tequila!! (No dark liqueurs or red wines for me!)

LIFESTYLE - To me having a lifestyle I love and not settling for less in any area of life is really important and I believe everyone deserves that. That's part of the reason I moved to LA from a tiny beach town, so I could achieve more, do more, be more and have a better life! I love beautiful clothing, interior design and my new Mini Dachund- 'Henry'.