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Fenty Beauty Review & Swatches!!

Fenty Beauty Review & Swatches!!

I finally went to Sephora and got my hands on some Fenty Beauty products to try after DROOLING over everything on Instagram!!! I had been meaning to stop by a Sephora for weeks and when I finally did I didnt want to leave the Fenty Beauty station, it was so pretty!!! I just wanted to stand there staring at it and swatching everything for hours!! 


I decided to just pick up a few items first to try them and see what I thought so I got the Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Primer, The Pro Filtr Foundation in my color #190, Portable Contour & Concealer brush and a set of 3 Matchstix in Medium #200. (I also wanted to get the airbrush foundation brush but they were sold out!! I really had to hold myself back from buying all the Matchstix because they are SO gorgeous!! The highlighter duos look stunning aswell!




I absolutely LOVE this packaging its so nice and feels really high end! I did not want to throw away these boxes once I took the product out!


Above is the products I got un-boxed left to right; Matchstix trio in Bamboo (Concealer), Mocha (Contour), Trippin (Highlight/Blush), The Pro Filtr Soft Matte Primer, Pro Filtr Soft Matte Foundation in #190 and the #150 Highlight & Contour Brush.

MatchStix; I LOVE this packaging, and there is a lot of product in here, the packaging is high end and luxurious and I love that these are magnetic which is great for travel and just a really cool feature that has not been done before!! You can buy these single or in a trio set like I did this one is for Medium Skin tones I assure and they have other trio sets for darker and lighter skin tones which is really cool!!

Pro Filtr Primer; This primer has the texture of a moisturizer, it feels so nice and lightweight on the skin and comes in this beautiful glass bottle that I love, I also love that it matches the foundation bottles and looks really pretty with them! Even though it says its mattifying it feels so nice and moisturizing on the skin. I really love this primer and I have been using it on my clients daily!

Pro Filter Foundation in #190; This foundation also feels very lightweight when I put it on, I also noticed that it oxidized and went a little darker on my skin, so I think I will try mixing it with my MAC Pro Longwear foundation that I usually wear! But overall I really like this foundation & the bottle and packaging!

Highlight & Contour Brush; This brush is beautiful and also its magnetic so it clicks onto the Matchstix which is cool! I didnt love using it to blend out the highlight & contour with the Matchstix as they are quite dry so I would suggest using a different brush or spraying your brush with fix+ or a mist to help blend out the product. I will definitely use this brush for highlighter and cream blush and other things though. I love that its small its perfect for traveling or having in your purse for touch ups!


Here are swatches of the 3 Matchstix I purchased as you can see they are VERY pigmented and look beautiful on the skin! Trippin is this beautiful peachy color with a lot of gold in it, this would be beautiful on eyelids as an eye-shadow alone or as an eye-shadow base. Now I want to go out and buy more of these they are so stunning!! The only concern I have is that I just didn't realize how dry these are, I thought they would be more creamy but I think I just need to play with them more!

Overall Rhianna killed it with Fenty Beauty!! These products are soooo gorgeous, they are affordable, beautiful, high end, really nice packaging and you get a lot of product!! 




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